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Please contact these city officials. Give them your feedback on the late-hours overlay.

Contact City of Dallas Staff

David Cossum, Director 

Sustainable Development and Construction 

(214) 670-4127 

Neva Dean, Interim Assistant Director

Sustainable Development and Construction 

(214) 670-4209

Contact Dallas City Council

  E-mail the Mayor and all Councilmembers at one time 

 • Send an individual e-mail to the Mayor or any Councilmember

Contact City Plan Commission

Enter your street number and name here to learn your Dallas City Council District.

Gloria Tarpley, Chair (Mayor's appointee)

Matt Houston, Vice Chair (District 3) *

Tony Shidid (District 5) *

Margot Murphy (District 13) *

Michael Anglin (District 1)

Tipton Housewright (District 10)

* Opposed late-hours overlay as a member of Zoning Ordinance Advisory Committee.

Expressed support for late-hours overlay during July 13 City Plan Commission workshop.

Due to spring city council election outcomes, this appointee could be replaced in the coming months.

Contact City Plan Commission (cont.)

Mark Rieves (District 2)

Corwin Haney (District 8)

Jaynie Schultz (District 11)

Paul E. Ridley (District 14) †

Jed Anantasomboon (District 6)

P. Michael Jung (District 9)

Cookie Peadon (District 12)

👉Note that your emails to these City Plan Commission members may also be automatically copied to city staff.

At the time of this posting (July 19, 2017) Districts 4 and 7 did not have contact information for Plan Commissioners.